Bamboo salt provides yang (yin and yang) and symbolizes the fire element of the five elements.

Bamboo salt maintains balance and provides energy to the body. During the process of roastig up to nine times, bamboo salt absorbs a large amount of cosmic energy. When the salt is consumed, the energy is released into the human body to activate cells, revitalize internal body organs and improve the immune system.

Repeating the bamboo-burning process 1 to 9 times creates something cosmic. According to the principle of the Eastern theory of “Ying & Yang” and “Five elements”.

Fire as one of five elements from Chinese wisdom.

Fire as 1 of 5 elements from Chinese wisdom.

Bamboo salt as a symbol of the element of fire and needed for qi, life force

Energy is the power that makes it possible to perform physical and mental activities. The Chinese have been studying this power for centuries and call it “Qi”, or life energy. By carefully observing and analyzing nature, they discovered that Qi is present in everything and is constantly on the move. The rhythm of nature.

Metal as one of the five elements from Chinese wisdom.

Metal as one of the five elements from Chinese wisdom.

Fire, earth, metal, water and wood are the 5 elements.

The element of fire is related to sleeping problems, nervousness, depression, anxiety and sexuality.

The fire element is like the pump in the system. It drives the heart and small intestine energy systems. If your Fire energy is not in balance you can expect the following physical problems: heart palpitations, dizziness, circulation problems (cold hands and feet), listlessness, unable to think clearly, sleeping problems, speech problems, nervousness, anxiety, problems with sexuality. And on the non-physical side: reduced enthusiasm, low self-esteem, feeling joyless, problems in feeling love, having difficulty in expressing your feelings, depression, wanting more, rushing and living under time pressure.

9 x roasted bamboo salt from Korea in my opinion is a symbol for the element of fire. Body and mind are bathed in the fire element.

9 times roasted extra coarse bamboo salt.

9 times roasted extra coarse bamboo salt.