This is where bamboo salt comes in.

To keep all kinds of bacteria out of tap water, chlorine is usually added. That seems ok but is not ok for our intestines at all. In our gastrointestinal tract there are 1.5 kg of bacteria that are essential for good digestion and for resistance. Chlorine in tap water will also kill our essential bacteria.

Chlorine in tap water will also kill our essential bacteria.

Chlorine in tap water will also kill our essential bacteria.

In addition, chlorine in tap water can react with organic substances in the water and pipes. This can cause the carcinogenic substance “trihalomethane”. In our body cells, trihalomethane breaks down very slowly and is stored in our fat cells, where it can accumulate and cause damage to our DNA and diminish our immunity. Eating soup or drinking tea is best done without using chlorinated tap water. The second major disadvantage of chlorine is hypochlorite.

Eating soup or drinking tea is healthy but less healthy with tap water.
Bamboo salt can help!

It is an igniter of free radicals. One of the major drawbacks is hypochlorite that can separate the fat cells in our body from vitamin E, for example. Which causes or may result in acne, eczema, or psoriasis. Split or dull hair can also be the result of tap water with chlorine because hypochlorite breaks down the natural components of the hair. Hypochlorite is very unstable, and provokes a lot of oxidation, so be careful. Hypochlorites are also used as a bleaching agent. Fatty acids (eg vegetable oil) and hypochlorite are one another’s arch enemies. You have been warned.

Bamboo salt releases electrons to hypochlorite in tap water and breaks down hypochlorite into chlorine ions and water. Sea salt or table salt cannot do this.

Tests with bamboo salt, handmade sea salt and refined sea salt clearly show that only bamboo salt has the reducing power to completely remove hypochlorite in tap water. (5)

It should be clear that not all types of salt belong under the common denominator – “salt”. Just as blondes are not all alike. Bamboo salt, handmade sea salt and refined sea salt are all called salt. But the process whereby bamboo salt is created causes other chemical reactions to be created in our bodies. Bamboo salt is much more bioactive, which benefits our health.

Add bamboo salt to your tea. It will work wonders for your health.

Bamboo salt in your tea works wonders.

Tip: eating soup or drinking tea?
Adding a little 9 x roasted bamboo salt or a pinchor two of 2 x roasted bamboo salt to your tap water works wonders for your health.

Bamboo salt also improves the quality of drinks and food. Bamboo salt can make the less healthy (oxidizing) beverage or food healthier (reducing free radicals), making it e asier for waste and toxins to leave the body. Healthy eating and healthy drinking is aided by bamboo salt.

Add 1 g (1/4th teaspoon) of 9 x roasted bamboo salt to 250 to 350 ml milk, orange juice, carrot juice or (junk) sports drink (eg gatorade)

ORP (mV value)milkorange juicecarrot juicegatorade
For addition+139 mV+80 mV+ 40 mV+ 233 mV
After addition-13 mV-29 mV– 85 mV+ 24 mV
Twice roasted bamboo salt. For better sports performance.

Twice roasted bamboo salt.

It is also recommended that bamboo salt be added to bottled water.

0.5 grams per liter will make your body feel good. The detoxifying power of water increases enormously in just a few seconds with a little bamboo salt. Also highly recommended with tea, soup, and all dishes that absorb a lot of water such as rice and spaghetti.

Source 5: Bamboo salt is science, Park Si-Woo, p 87-88